Podcast episodes

Episode 004 - Savoring the Mistakes


5/9/19 - Guest Aaron Leimeister stops by to share hunting stories and encourage real life learning.

"There were choices that had to be made..."

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Episode 003 - Don't Fear the Gear

Hunting Gear

4/4/19 - Find out what it takes to get "Geared Up" to start hunting.

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Episode 002 - Learning to Hunt as an Adult


3/16/19 - Guest Jim Stang discusses how he started learning to hunt as an adult.

"The focus in on the field, not the phone"

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Episode 001 - Types of Hunting


3/15/19 - Learn about different types of hunting and when to use them.

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Episode 000 - Introduction


3/15/19 - Meet the podcast host and learn about the "Learning 2 Hunt" platform.


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